About us

Established in 1991, Direct Control offers our customers an experienced, multi-disciplinary team that provides personalised, end-to-end solutions using the latest technologies and quality products from our global partner network.



We help your business reach its goals.

Direct Control is a trusted partner because we provide innovative, cost-effective, and customer-specific solutions and leverage our experienced team and global partners to provide the best products and services.


Our team provides end-to-end solutions.

To ensure the development of a cost-effective and efficient solution, our team will commit ourselves to actively listening to your challenges to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues that your organization is currently facing. Our business works with a wide range of customers and companies, and we partner with some of the leading technology suppliers around the world.


Multi-skilled industry professionals

Our IT specialists, in-house software developers, engineers, contractors, service professionals, and project managers showcase our capabilities.

Collaborative process from the start

A collaborative approach is used to determine the needs of the people involved and provide the best possible solution.

End-to-end turnkey solution 

From design, procurement, and installation to commissioning, we can provide a complete turnkey solution.

We lead the way

Keeping our position at the forefront of innovations and advances in technology is a priority for us.

We go all in
  • Our business is dedicated to delivering complete solutions to every one of the customers we serve.
We provide the best quality

We are committed to delivering products and services of the highest possible quality at all times.

We solve real problems
  • We make it our mission to offer solutions to tackle the challenges that our clients are facing.
We keep searching
  • Constantly establishing partnerships with the leading suppliers in the world is a focus for us.
We are customer focused
  • Value is something we are committed to delivering to our customers on an ongoing basis.

We partner with the worlds best.

The organizations that we have formed commercial partnerships with include some of the most reputable and largest manufacturers of smart building technology throughout the world.