About Us

We are a Technology Partner that provides a full range of intelligent solutions to help your business realise its true value.

We help you thrive in an ever-changing, competitive environment by enabling optimised operations at all levels, resulting in improved decision-making, reduced costs and numerous other benefits.


Tailor Made Solutions

We partner with you on your digital journey to transform and future-proof your business.

Specialist Staff

We have a team of more than 75 highly skilled personnel on hand to bring your projects to life. Our team includes IT consulting specialists, engineers, programmers, tradespeople and support specialists. Our solutions are designed intuitively and delivered with expertise.

Global Reach

We partner with the world’s leading technology suppliers and work with some of New Zealand's foremost landlords, retailers, architects and facilities managers.Based in Auckland, we solve problems for our customers, ranging from New Zealand through Australia and the broader Pacific region.

Why Direct Control?

Digital Future


For the past 28 years we’ve empowered businesses by providing leadership, support and value throughout their digital transformations.

We combine our expertise, backed by strategic thinking and our innovative technology to help businesses solve problems, disrupt their industries, boost revenue, reduce environmental impacts and much, much more.



We partner with you for the long haul, helping solve complex business challenges and walking that extra mile to deliver results beyond your expectations.

Our tailored solutions are ready to help you embrace technology. Together we can navigate through challenges and take hold of opportunities.

Competitive Edge


There is no challenge too complex for us. Our solutions unlock real, usable innovations helping you stay ahead of the pack. We equip you with capabilities that others aspire to have.

Driven by your challenge, we combine our specialist skills, backed by a robust strategy and collaborative implementation to deliver outcomes that will transform your business, getting it ready to thrive in a digital future.

What makes us special?

"All of my colleagues are industry leaders and have specialist knowledge and expertise. Our MD enables a dynamic environment, flexible enough to try new products and define our workloads. This quickens and improves solutions to my customers.

From the daily hunt to find a good coffee joint, to learning and exploring a range of new products for our customers, no day at DC is the same."

Johnathon Underwood - Software Engineer

How we help your business

Unlocking the true value of your business with our solutions.

Initial consultation

The first step toward your project. Our experts are prepared and backed by strategic advice and implementation experience to overcome any challenge.

Our planning sessions take a holistic approach, including comprehensive research, analysis and development. This ensures successful implementation and long term optimisation.

We manage your entire project to help your business unlock the endless benefits technology has to offer. No matter what level your business is at, we take a proactive approach, customising our technology to work best for your business.

Proof of concept

A critical step to your solutions implementation. Our team of experts help you develop a compelling business case and proof of concept.

We do the due diligence required for a long-term strategy to help your business thrive and grow in a fast-changing world.

We involve all the right parties and focus on potential pitfalls right from the start, avoiding roadblocks down the line. We are focused on getting things right the first time, ready to create value, quickly and thoroughly.


Here is where the Proof of Concept comes to life. Shaped by the strategic plan, we partner with experts to bring you a custom-built, state of the art solution.

Our automated management tools take the burden off your already busy team, freeing up their time to focus on other vital areas of your business.

Simple. Efficient. Scalable. Our specialised teams continually optimise and account for deeper analysis, endpoint behaviour and network health to achieve your desired goals.


This is where your project begins. Driving your business forward, unlocking true value and keeping it ahead of the curve.