Data generated by IoT devices is worth nothing if it cannot be used effectively. Direct Control offers solutions for advanced monitoring of your business assets. We also provide the capability to collect, organise, store, analyse and visualise the data.

We benchmark the results against your targets and provide evidenced based recommendations and roadmaps to achieve your goals. This will help you make profitable business decisions, mitigate risks and unlock numerous other benefits for you and your business.


Increased Asset Efficiency Through Data

Transform your building, plant or specialist equipment by optimising them utilising big data technology. 

In-depth Industry Expertise + Practical Know-How

Beyond the platforms, algorithms and data collection, we have extensive knowledge in Building Management and Automation. Our experience with niche industry requirements allows us to transform the insights we discover from analytics, into practical real world strategies and solutions.

Bring Your Data

Direct Control is technology agnostic. We are confident with your preferred technologies and platforms. Our solutions work with data of all types.

Solving Problems

We work together with clients to define their business problems. Once key problems and metrics are defined, we formulate a robust strategy to design, build and implement Analytics.

Collection & secure cloud storage

Our team of experts collect your data from our wide range of complex sensors and IoT devices. Direct Control utilises an array of communication protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, Haystack, SAML and Web API both on-site and off site to pull your data into our secure cloud databases.

Data Analysis

We access your data through a secure portal for extensive analysis. Based on algorithms and rules written specifically for your business, we identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements, cost reduction and many other benefits.


Based on the results of our analysis, Direct Control provides evidenced-based recommendations and a roadmap to help you achieve your goals. We hold on to the results for four years to benchmark it against targets and build more accurate models that help predict future usage.

Promoting understanding through visibility

Seeing is believing. Our expert team understands that visualisation of data can often be just as important as the data itself. In reports or interactive dashboards we can find the best solution for you to understand your data and help you make informed decisions about your business.

Why Direct Control?

Digital Future


For the past 28 years we’ve empowered businesses by providing leadership, support and value throughout their digital transformations.

We combine our expertise, backed by strategic thinking and our innovative technology to help businesses solve problems, disrupt their industries, boost revenue, reduce environmental impacts and much, much more.



We partner with you for the long haul, helping solve complex business challenges and walking that extra mile to deliver results beyond your expectations.

Our tailored solutions are ready to help you embrace technology. Together we can navigate through challenges and take hold of opportunities.

Competitive Edge


There is no challenge too complex for us. Our solutions unlock real, usable innovations helping you stay ahead of the pack. We equip you with capabilities that others aspire to have.

Driven by your challenge, we combine our specialist skills, backed by a robust strategy and collaborative implementation to deliver outcomes that will transform your business, getting it ready to thrive in a digital future.

Looking for an Analytics solution?

Contact us today and one of our specialist consultants will get in touch to unpack your business problems and deliver the solution that best fits your requirements.