Building Automation Experts

World-class business' need world-class facilities. Let Direct Control partner with you in your mission to create world-class assets. Through our advanced and integrated solutions, let us help you make evidenced-based decisions that provide a lasting and meaningful impact to the comfort, efficiency and longevity of your assets and business alike.

Hidden In Plain Sight

You can find our solutions implemented in the largest offices, university campuses, commercial warehouses and hospitals all over New Zealand.

100% Kiwi

Direct Control is 100% Kiwi owned giving our clients the strategic advantage of our local expertise. We have a deep understanding of New Zealand's commercial requirements and we pass this knowledge directly to our clients.

No Project Too Small or Too Large

We are the leaders in New Zealand from simple configurable controls, through to highly specialised automation systems for entire facilities and campuses.

  • HVAC Controls

    HVAC Controls

    Our smart HVAC Control solutions are designed to deliver benefits across the spectrum, guaranteeing improved temperature, humidity, pressure and ventilation performance. We have a successful track record of helping businesses simplify operations, lower bills, improve comfort, health and make more informed decisions.

  • Lighting Controls

    Lighting Controls

    Upgrading your lighting controls, can help you save as much as 50% of your energy usage. Our innovative solutions unlock exceptional value by transforming lighting from just a utility into a productive asset.

  • Access Controls

    Access Controls

    We are at the forefront of robust security technologies and ultra-modern access controls. Our fully customisable, scalable solutions enhance user experience and protect your valuable assets. Let our expertise become your peace of mind.

  • Building Integration

    Building Integration

    Our technology integrates with your facility, be it old or new, to transform it into an intelligent, modern smart building. From concept to deployment we help you integrate the best solutions for your objectives, helping you achieve better control, efficiency, sustainability and comfort for your building.

Why Direct Control?

Digital Future


For the past 28 years we’ve empowered businesses by providing leadership, support and value throughout their digital transformations.

We combine our expertise, backed by strategic thinking and our innovative technology to help businesses solve problems, disrupt their industries, boost revenue, reduce environmental impacts and much, much more.



We partner with you for the long haul, helping solve complex business challenges and walking that extra mile to deliver results beyond your expectations.

Our tailored solutions are ready to help you embrace technology. Together we can navigate through challenges and take hold of opportunities.

Competitive Edge


There is no challenge too complex for us. Our solutions unlock real, usable innovations helping you stay ahead of the pack. We equip you with capabilities that others aspire to have.

Driven by your challenge, we combine our specialist skills, backed by a robust strategy and collaborative implementation to deliver outcomes that will transform your business, getting it ready to thrive in a digital future.

Looking for an Building Automation solution?

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