With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, Gallagher is a global technology company that specializes in access control and security solutions. Offering a wide range of security systems and products that are designed to protect people, property, and assets.


Why Gallagher?

Across 140 countries, Gallagher Security is a global leader in integrated technology solutions, committed to protecting businesses and their valuable assets. Their suite of solutions has won awards and gained the confidence of a wide range of industries, including government, defense, enterprise, industrial, healthcare, transportation, mining, and education.


Integrated Access Control

The intelligent access control systems offered enable the safe and effective management of people and assets.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Cutting-edge intruder alarm systems, you can feel secure knowing that security breaches will be prevented and dealt with promptly and reliably.

Perimeter Solutions

Through the use of perimeter solutions, your property and valuables are protected from unauthorized access.

Customisable Security Suite

In-house design and manufacturing to create scalable, customizable security systems for simple, enterprise, and high-security needs.

Direct Control Partnership

Together, Gallagher Security and Direct Control elevate the standard of excellence in the smart building technology sector by bringing cutting-edge security solutions to the forefront and optimizing the efficiency and safety of your facilities.

Mobile Connect App

You may use your mobile device as an ID or access card by installing the Gallagher Mobile Connect App. Using the power of Bluetooth® wireless technology, Mobile Connect software integrates with Gallagher Command Centre directly, providing a highly secure access credential when combined with BLE-enabled readers from Gallagher, SALTO, or Aperio. FIDO-certified Mobile Connect authenticators for iOS and Android use an internationally standardized authentication protocol.

Controller 6000

Between the Gallagher Command Centre server and the distributed field hardware, the incredibly intelligent and powerful Gallagher Controller 6000 interface processes, stores, and communicates data in real time.

Controller 7000

With enhanced technology that generates, processes, and stores cryptographic keys and certificates using industry-leading security infrastructure, the Controller 7000 brings in a new era of cyber protection.

T15 Multi Tech Reader

In addition to supporting MIFARE smart card technology, the Gallagher T15 Multi Tech Reader also offers extra support for 125 kHz credentials and the Gallagher Mobile Connect solution using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Want to increase security for your building?

To find out more and how we can help you optimize your facility, get in contact with our security specialist at Direct Control.