ICT Protege

A Protege system delivers a complete and adaptable solution that exceeds the changing needs of today's users, regardless of the size of the project—from a large corporate enterprise project with multiple entries and complex user requirements to a smaller company in need of a scalable solution.


Why ICT Protege?

As a leading provider of integrated security and access control solutions, ICT Protege specializes in cutting-edge technology and offers a wide range of products and systems that strengthen security, simplify access control, and safeguard assets for various industries.


Direct Control Partnership

As a proud partner of ICT Protege, Direct Control works together to provide you with outstanding smart building solutions. This relationship highlights our dedication to innovation and guarantees that your space is equipped with the latest security and automation systems.

Protege X

An ecosystem for intrusion detection and access control in the cloud that is subscription-based, offers an industry-best lifetime guarantee, and is ideal for enterprises that require future-proof flexibility.

Protege WX

Protege WX gives you the ability to remotely setup, control, and monitor your system, providing you with the ability to take charge of security management.

Protege GX

ICT offers an enterprise-level system that combines building automation, access management, and intruder detection. Its user-friendly features make it simple to use, expand, and integrate.

Want to add ICT Protege to your building?

To find out more about ICT Protege and how we can help you optimize your facility, get in contact with our professionals at Direct Control.