Luxriot is a popular supplier of video management software (VMS) solutions, with a focus on developing innovative and scalable video surveillance systems. The company's main goal is to provide stable and responsive software platforms that let businesses effectively manage, watch over, and analyze video data.


Why Luxriot?

The entrance to cutting-edge video management solutions, transforming the way you secure and monitor your spaces. With a commitment to innovation and providing innovative technology that ensures unmatched video quality, reliability, and efficiency.


Video Management System

With the use of this powerful VMS, video is managed for seamless surveillance, including sophisticated analytics and live monitoring.

High-Performance Analytics

Security is strengthened by the proactive threat identification and real-time insights.

Scalable Solutions

Both small and large enterprises can benefit from flexibility and efficiency thanks to their scalable surveillance solutions.

Open-Platform Flexibility

Due to its open-platform design, it can be easily integrated with a variety of external systems and devices, allowing them to be tailored to fit into your current infrastructure.

Direct Control Partnership

With Luxriot's commitment to excellence in video management systems, Direct Control is proud to be working with them to provide you with the latest developments in surveillance technology for a secure and connected environment.

Luxriot Evo S

Luxriot Evo S is a new-generation piece of security and video surveillance software from Luxriot, offering a fast and scalable stand-alone multiple-server solution that truly answers your company’s security needs.

License Plate Recognition Software

Luxriot License Plate Recognition Software for detecting, recognizing, and registering vehicle license plates. It offers a very high level of reading reliability, an intuitive installation process, and great usability characteristics. 

Luxriot Mobile

Luxriot Mobile is a free application for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to access Luxriot EVO Servers' live and recorded video streams using your smartphone or a tablet from almost anywhere.

Need to add security to your building?

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