Energy Management

In today's world, the environmental impacts of business are more important than ever. Sustainability, Carbon Footprint and Climate Protection are all factors that businesses need to consider when evaluating their place in society. These social factors play an increasingly critical role in corporate governance and in the development of a company's brand. 

At Direct Control we understand this need and endeavour to transform buildings into powerful, energy efficient assets. By altering energy consumption, you can increase the comfort and functionality of your building while keeping the energy related costs down.

Unique Strategy Tailored To Your Organisation

Every building has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. We work with you, to develop and implement a strategy that drives comfort, efficiency and sustainability.


DCPenta, developed by Direct Control, integrates all your energy data into a single program enabling for end to end solutions. Let us take care of your compliance and certification audits that meet ISO 50001 standards.

EECA Funding Specialist

Let us help you liaise with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), for additional grants and funding to enhance your energy management and optimisation journey.

Your Sustainable Energy Journey Starts Today

Smales Farm's Energy Journey

The Vodafone building in Smales Farm is another project we're proud to be a part of. Direct Control was tasked to improve energy efficiency of the building. To achieve our goal, we leveraged our experience in building automation, analytics and IoT to generate meaningful cost savings, without compromising on tenant comfort.


11.3% reduction in energy consumption

$62,000 P.A. reduction in power consumption

Return on Investment in 3 years

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Why Direct Control?

Digital Future


For the past 28 years we’ve empowered businesses by providing leadership, support and value throughout their digital transformations.

We combine our expertise, backed by strategic thinking and our innovative technology to help businesses solve problems, disrupt their industries, boost revenue, reduce environmental impacts and much, much more.



We partner with you for the long haul, helping solve complex business challenges and walking that extra mile to deliver results beyond your expectations.

Our tailored solutions are ready to help you embrace technology. Together we can navigate through challenges and take hold of opportunities.

Competitive Edge


There is no challenge too complex for us. Our solutions unlock real, usable innovations helping you stay ahead of the pack. We equip you with capabilities that others aspire to have.

Driven by your challenge, we combine our specialist skills, backed by a robust strategy and collaborative implementation to deliver outcomes that will transform your business, getting it ready to thrive in a digital future.

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