Internet of Things

Direct Control offers complete solutions for the Internet of Things. From sensor management platforms to physical hardware, we are ready for rapid creation and deployment of functional, secure IoT solutions. We offer sensors, middleware, and analytics, developing turnkey solutions. Leveraging the full power of the IoT and connectivity for your business, we are ready to solve complex challenges and harness the benefits of IoT for your business.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Reduce labour intensive tasks and save money by implementing IoT solutions that enable remote, real time access to data and sites.

Rapid Development

We work with you to research, model and build world-class solutions. Fast.

End to End Implementation

We're with you the whole way, from understanding your business problem through to install and maintenance of your IoT solution.

Solving Problems

IoT is about solving business problems by using technology. IoT may be the solution if you are looking for answers to questions like these:

Question 1

Does my building or equipment need maintenance?

Question 2

How can i source information for my site remotely?

Question 3

Are specific components in my HVAC system running?

IoT in action

IoT offers a huge opportunity for companies by bringing the physical and digital worlds together. We had the pleasure of working with the Whangarei District Council helping them with the monitoring of their Pump Station. By deploying a full LoRa solution (Sensors + Management Platform) the council gained the ability to have accurate, instant and up to date information of their pump station without the need for physical site visits.



Why Direct Control?

Digital Future


For the past 28 years we’ve empowered businesses by providing leadership, support and value throughout their digital transformations.

We combine our expertise, backed by strategic thinking and our innovative technology to help businesses solve problems, disrupt their industries, boost revenue, reduce environmental impacts and much, much more.



We partner with you for the long haul, helping solve complex business challenges and walking that extra mile to deliver results beyond your expectations.

Our tailored solutions are ready to help you embrace technology. Together we can navigate through challenges and take hold of opportunities.

Competitive Edge


There is no challenge too complex for us. Our solutions unlock real, usable innovations helping you stay ahead of the pack. We equip you with capabilities that others aspire to have.

Driven by your challenge, we combine our specialist skills, backed by a robust strategy and collaborative implementation to deliver outcomes that will transform your business, getting it ready to thrive in a digital future.

Looking for an IoT solution?

Contact us today and one of our specialist consultants will get in touch to unpack your business problems and deliver the solution that best fits your requirements.

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