The world of lighting controls has come a long way from the simple on/off switch. Today’s advanced lighting controls systems offer unprecedented levels of flexibility, energy efficiency, and user control. At the forefront of this transformation is Philips Dynalite, a comprehensive lighting management platform that puts total control at your fingertips.


What are lighting controls? 

Lighting controls refer to the ability to monitor, manage, and automate a lighting system’s operation. This includes adjusting light levels, scheduling illumination patterns, integrating with sensor networks, and much more. The benefits are clear: reduced energy costs, extended lamp life, enhanced occupant comfort, and productivity.


The Philips Dynalite system manager 

The brain behind Philips’ lighting controls ecosystem is the powerful Dynalite System Manager software. This robust frontend allows you to oversee and tweak every aspect of your lighting network from a single interface. Real-time status monitoring, scheduling functions, integration with HVAC equipment – the system manager’s abilities are impressive.


Unparalleled flexibility 

What really sets them apart, however, is its open, cross-platform nature. The system seamlessly accommodates a wide range of lighting loads and control methodologies, including:

0-10V/1-10V: Continuous dimming for LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts
PWM: High efficiency dimming ideal for LEDs
Triac: Phase-controlled dimming for incandescent, low-voltage LEDs
DALI: Bidirectional communication with compatible LED drivers and ballasts
DMX: Industry-standard digital protocol for stage/theatrical lighting


‘This universal compatibility ensures Philips Dynalite can be retrofitted into virtually any existing space or easily integrated into new construction projects.’


Gain total control with Philips Dynalite

From individual rooms to entire buildings, Philips Dynalite puts you in control.

Need to swap between pre-programmed lighting scenes with the push of a button? How about scheduling an entire floor to dim down during lower occupancy periods? Not a problem.

And with support for sensors and time clocks, the system can automatically respond to occupancy levels, daylighting conditions, and other variables.

Lighting is no longer just about flipping a switch – it’s about crafting the perfect illuminated environment for any scenario. With Philips Dynalite’s capabilities, that level of precise control is well within reach. 

Isn’t it time you took control over your lighting?


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