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A leading operator of integrated entertainment complexes in New Zealand, is renowned for its premium casino gaming facilities, exquisite restaurants, bars, and luxurious hotel accommodations. To maintain its reputation for excellence, they continuously seek innovative solutions, such as lighting controls systems, to elevate guest comfort and increase operational efficiency.


Lighting controls overview

Direct Control was tasked with implementing a sophisticated hotel room lighting controls system at an Auckland hotel. The primary objectives were to enhance guest comfort and maximise building energy efficiency through intelligent lighting solutions.

●  Year of completion: 2024
●  Number of Hotel Rooms: 300+
●  Dynalite devices used: 4000+
●  DALI drivers programmed: 7500+
●  Man hours: 3500+
●  Man power: 11 – 25




Goals and challenges

The aim was to implement a lighting controls system that balanced luxury and affordability while enhancing the guest experience. The solution also needed to maximise energy efficiency across the entire hotel.


Solution and implementation

Direct Control delivered an intelligent and elegant lighting controls system using the following components:

Dynalite System Manager Software

This software allows the facilities manager to:

●  Monitor the current state of all lighting groups (on/off or fault status).
●  Monitor the status of all Dynalite controllers, sensors, switches, and touchscreens.
●  Control lighting groups and save preset brightness levels (e.g. Day Mode = Lights at 90%)
●  Control RGBW lighting groups and save preset colors (e.g. Day Mode = Blue Lights)
●  Create and adjust time schedules for preset modes.
●  Generate fault reports with location details for efficient maintenance.

Automated checkout lighting control
When a room is checked out, all lights switch off, switch panels are disabled, and power points are de-energized, preventing occupants from overstaying.

Lighting scene control
The system provides mood and ambient lighting settings to suit various guest preferences.

Multi-language touchscreen
A master touchscreen with multiple language options (English, Māori, Chinese, Japanese, and German) ensures accessibility for international guests.

Occupancy sensors
These sensors automatically switch off lights when rooms are unoccupied, conserving energy.

Night lights
Occupancy sensors under bedside tables activate night lights only during the night, enhancing convenience without disturbing sleep.

Welcome lighting
Upon entry, guests are greeted with lights at different levels based on the time of day, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

BMS integration
The Building Management System (BMS) is notified of room occupancy status to adjust air conditioning settings, optimizing energy use.

Tuneable white light
A clever feature of the system is the tuneable white lights in the Port Cochere area. These lights transition from cool white during the day to warm white at sunset, simulating a natural day-night cycle and enhancing the ambiance for guests.


Results and benefits

The new lighting controls system proved to be a win-win for all parties involved:

Energy savings
Occupancy sensors significantly reduced energy consumption, maximising cost savings.

Enhanced guest experience
Guests enjoyed an elegant, intelligent, and easy-to-use automated lighting system, enhancing their overall stay.

Ease of maintenance
The system’s easy monitoring and maintenance capabilities ensured optimal performance and minimal downtime.



Through meticulous planning and innovative solutions, Direct Control successfully implemented a state-of-the-art lighting controls system. The project not only elevated the guest experience but also achieved substantial energy efficiency, reinforcing their commitment to excellence and sustainability in the hospitality industry.


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