Internet of Things

Due to its real-time insights and automation capabilities, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a game-changing technology that makes it possible for common objects and equipment to be connected to the internet and gather and share data. This is paving the way for a connected future by fostering innovation in industries like manufacturing, smart cities, healthcare, and agriculture.


Internet of Things Benefits

The Internet of Things (IoT) has limitless potential, and its benefits are only starting to become clear. This technology is revolutionizing our daily lives, workplaces, and interactions with the outside world. It can increase productivity and efficiency and build smarter homes and cities, among other things.

Total Connectivity
Transform your building into a connected system where devices can communicate and interact with each other without a problem.

Data Driven Insights
Optimize building performance and efficiency by using real-time data to inform decisions.

Enhanced Automation
Enjoy exceptional automation as intelligent devices collaborate to automate operations and adapt to changing conditions.

Energy Efficiency
Maximize energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact by implementing IoT-enabled solutions to promote sustainability.


Internet of Things features


Smart Sensors

Integrate cutting-edge sensors to gather data in real time on occupancy, the environment, and system performance.


Ensure the smooth integration of various platforms and devices to promote an integrated and seamless smart building ecosystem.

Remote Accessibility

With the power of the Internet of Things at your fingertips, you can keep an eye on and manage your smart building from anywhere.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can be used to anticipate problems and take action before they develop, improving maintenance effectiveness and reducing downtime.

How Internet of Things Works

The term "Internet of Things" (IoT) describes a network of connected sensors, devices, and systems that share data and communicate via the internet with the aim of gathering, analyzing, and acting upon data from multiple sources to improve convenience, efficiency, and decision-making.


Device Connectivity

In order to connect to the internet, devices use communication protocols like LoRa (Long Range). Devices are physical objects embedded with sensors, actuators, and connectivity features.

Data Collection

Sensors are built into devices to continuously monitor and collect real-time data about their environment. This data can include information about temperature, humidity, motion, location, and more.

Data Transmission

Wireless technologies enable seamless data transmission between devices and central systems, and connected devices utilise the internet to send information collected to a central system or the cloud.

Cloud Computing

Cloud servers are a common place for data storage and processing; edge computing is a technique used by some IoT systems to process data closer to the source (on the device or a local server) in order to achieve faster reaction times.

Data Processing

Although a centralised system evaluates and analyses data using advanced algorithms in cloud-based IoT, edge computing involves local servers or devices themselves analysing data locally before sending important data to the central system.

Decision Making

In certain instances, human input may be required, and IoT devices can offer insights to enhance decision-making. In other cases, automated responses, such as adjusting settings, sending notifications, or activating actuators, can be initiated based on the analysed data.

User Interface

User-friendly dashboards or applications allow users to monitor data in real-time, receive alerts, and operate connected devices as part of their interaction with the Internet of Things system.

Automation & Control

IoT allows for the development of intelligent systems, which boost automation through device collaboration. Users may remotely control and manage connected devices, improving efficiency and convenience.

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