People Flow

People Flow uses data analytics to look at how people move through public areas, buildings, and transit networks lets us observe individuals in real time, make predictions, and make the user experience smoother. This helps with crowd control, safety, and running the business more efficiently.


People Flow Benefits

Optimizing the flow of people has many benefits, such as higher productivity, higher safety, better user experience, and better use of resources.

Optimised Efficiency
Streamline how people move around in your building to make the experience effortless and efficient.

SEnhanced Safety
Smart crowd control and distance measures should be used to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable.

Data Insights
Access control systems can be easily connected to make entry and exit places safe and controlled.

Elevated Experience
Put the satisfaction of your building's users first by making sure they can easily and enjoyably move around the building.



People Flow features


Occupancy Monitoring

Real-time tracking to keep watch on and control the amount of people, which keeps situations safe and avoids congestion.

Smart Navigation

People can easily move around the building with the help of intuitive guidance tools, which saves time and reduces uncertainty.

Access Control

It can be easily connected to access control systems to make entry and exit places safe and controlled.

Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics, you can figure out when the busiest times are and make the best use of space, so that traffic flows smoothly during those times.

How People Flow Works

The concept of managing and improving the way people move around in a building or space. In smart building technology, it means using advanced systems and strategies to make sure that people can move around easily, quickly, and safely.

Occupancy Monitoring

  • Systems use real-time tracking technologies, like sensors or cameras, to keep an eye on how many people are in different areas. This information is constantly gathered and analyzed to figure out the capacity of the building is currently.

Smart Navigation

People Flow systems often have smart navigation tools that help people find their way around the building. Digital screens and wayfinding systems make it easy to follow directions, which cuts down on confusion and speeds up navigation.


Integration with access control systems protects and keeps a close watch on entry and exit points. Access control can be changed on demand based on real-time usage data to keep rooms from getting too crowded.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics tools look at past data to figure out when and where there will be the most traffic. Based on these patterns, building managers can make the best use of room and resources.



Smart Management

People Flow systems might include smart control of elevators and escalators to make it easier for people to move up and down. The schedules for elevators and escalators can be changed on the fly based on demand in real time.

Safety Measures

Smart crowd control is used by the system to keep things safe and avoid crowding. Systems can also help people keep safe distances from each other when social distance rules are in place.


People get instant alerts or notifications about possible traffic jams, alternative routes, or important information. In disaster situations, systems can help make evacuation routes and emergency reaction more efficient.


The main goal of People Flow is to make sure that people can move around the building easily and enjoyably. Well-optimized People Flow leads to a good user experience, which raises total satisfaction.

Want to optimise your occupants movement?

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