GridVis Software

In the context of energy management systems, GridVis software is a form of software designed to monitor, analyze, and visualize data relating to energy usage, power quality, and other elements of electrical grids.


GridVis Software Benefits

GridVis Software simplifies energy management and grid operations by providing real-time monitoring and visibility, data-driven insights, and efficient problem detection.

Precision Energy Monitoring
With GridVis, you can make proactive decisions by getting real-time insights on your building's energy consumption. You can identify usage patterns to maximize energy efficiency and cut operating expenses.

Comprehensive Data Analysis
With the use of visual aids and easy-to-understand analytics, you can obtain a thorough understanding of energy statistics and create customized reports that enable you to monitor and enhance performance over time.

Power Quality Management
By analyzing voltage and current parameters, GridVis quickly detects and reacts to power quality incidents, minimizing equipment protection risks and downtime.

Multi Site Integration
GridVis is scalable, effortlessly adjusting to the changing demands of your developing smart building infrastructure. Manage and monitor many sites centrally, simplifying energy management throughout your whole portfolio.


GridVis Software Features


User Friendly Interface

You can easily navigate around the dashboard, which guarantees a seamless and effective user experience. You can quickly and intelligently make decisions by having access to vital energy data.

Notification System

With GridVis, you can handle issues proactively and prevent any disruptions to your building's energy systems. It provides you with fast notifications on deviations or abnormalities in energy metrics.


Personalize alerts and notifications based on your preferences and operational requirements. Customize analytics to focus on specific energy parameters important to the particular requirements of your building.


Utilize the connection of GridVis with other building systems to optimize building performance by automating responses based on energy data. This seamless integration creates a cohesive and integrated smart infrastructure.

How GridVis Software Works

GridVis Software is an effective tool for achieving sustainability goals and optimizing operational efficiency because of its user-friendly interface, customizable reports, and integration capabilities. It gathers, processes, and analyzes real-time energy data to provide actionable insights for efficient energy management in smart buildings.

Data Collection

In order to obtain more data, such as temperature, occupancy, and environmental conditions, GridVis may connect with different sensors. Initially, real-time data is gathered via energy meters that are positioned strategically around the facility.

Data Processing

Advanced GridVis algorithms are used to handle the data collected. These algorithms normalize and arrange the data, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency for insightful analysis.

Energy Monitoring

  • GridVis is a visual representation of energy data that makes it easier for consumers to understand. It offers a thorough overview of energy use, breaking down usage trends by system, floor, or individual devices.

Power Analysis

GridVis quickly identifies and classifies power quality events, including voltage sags or surges, and sends out immediate notifications after performing a thorough evaluation of voltage and current attributes to ensure a steady power supply.

Custom Reports

Reports can be tailored by users to highlight particular energy metrics that are important to the specific needs of their building. Reports for historical analysis can be generated, which makes long-term energy planning and efficiency improvements simpler.

Multi Site Integration

By connecting and monitoring various locations within a portfolio of smart buildings, GridVis enables centralized control. As the building expands, it effortlessly scales to meet the increasing demands of energy management and infrastructure.

User Friendly Interface

GridVis offers a user-friendly interface for presenting the processed data. It puts important energy insights at the users' fingertips so they can make well-informed decisions.


The smooth integration of GridVis with other smart building systems creates a unified and networked infrastructure. It also allows for automated responses based on energy data, which maximizes the performance of the building as a whole.

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