Meter Commissioning

Meter commissioning is an essential phase that typically takes place when new meters are deployed or when existing meters undergo maintenance, upgrades, or replacements. It involves installing, configuring, and validating the functionality of utility meters, such as energy or water meters, to ensure accurate and reliable measurement of consumption.


Meter Commissioning Benefits

Ensuring that the meters function correctly, meet regulations, and deliver precise data for invoicing or monitoring is the goal of meter commissioning.

Effortless Integration
Simplify the process of integrating meters into your building system so that it functions as a single, integrated ecosystem.

Data Accuracy
Achieve outstanding accuracy in collecting data through precise meter commissioning, offering trustworthy insights for well-informed decision-making.

Time & Cost Savings
Our meter commissioning process is highly efficient, resulting in significant time and cost savings while improving resource utilisation.

Operational Efficiency
Make sure your meters are calibrated and commissioned for optimal performance to increase the operating efficiency of your facility.


Meter Commissioning Features


Automated Configuration

By providing automated configuration processes, our solutions minimize manual labor and the chance of errors during commissioning.

Remote Commissioning

Commission meters remotely to avoid on-site interventions, which saves time and resources.


Build a flexible and adaptable smart building infrastructure by ensuring smooth interoperability with a range of meter types and brands.

Comprehensive Testing

Thorough testing procedures ensure that meters operate precisely and consistently under a variety of conditions during meter commissioning.

How Meter Commissioning Works

Setting up, configuring, and ensuring the proper operation of meters to precisely measure and monitor different utilities like electricity, water, or gas is known as "meter commissioning," and it is an essential step in the deployment of meters within a building or facility.

Pre Configuration

The types and locations of the meters that are required are determined by a thorough assessment that is carried out prior to installation. The meters are pre-configured with applicable settings and parameters based on the specific needs of the building.


To measure utility usage, meters are installed at certain locations throughout the building; proper wiring and connectivity ensure that the meters are connected to the building's utility distribution systems.

Automated Configuration

  • Automated methods are commonly utilized in meter commissioning to configure meters. During this phase, important parameters, including unit measurements and communication protocols, are set up.

Remote Commissioning

The latest technologies allow for remote commissioning of meters, which reduces the need for on-site access and increases flexibility and efficiency, particularly in large or physically dispersed buildings.


Testing & Calibration

Meters are put through rigorous testing to make sure they work precisely and consistently. They can be calibrated to meet industry requirements and ensure measurement accuracy.


By facilitating seamless interaction between meters and other smart building systems, meter commissioning guarantees that meters are compatible with the larger smart building infrastructure, creating a more unified and networked environment.

Data Verification

To ensure accurate and precise measurement, the accuracy of the data collected by the meters is reviewed; any inconsistencies or anomalies in the data are found and fixed during the commissioning process.

Operational Readiness

Commissioned meters can be integrated into monitoring systems for real-time tracking and analysis. Following a successful commissioning process, meters are ready to go live and begin gathering data for building management and analysis.

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