Dynalite Lighting Controls

Dynalite Lighting is a cutting-edge lighting control system that has been carefully developed to deliver intelligent and adaptable lighting solutions within modern and smart building environments.


Dynalite Lighting Controls Benefits

Dynalite is a lighting control system that offers automated and intelligent lighting management solutions for a range of settings.

Dynamic Lighting Control
With Dynalite, you get unmatched control over the lighting in the environment, personalizing it to your tastes and preferences.

Energy Efficiency
Integrate energy-saving lighting solutions seamlessly to maximize resource usage and cut expenses.

Enhanced User Experience
Design customized lighting environments that are suited to various spaces and activities in order to increase occupant comfort and satisfaction.

Scalability & Flexibility
Dynalite Lighting systems provide scalable solutions and flexibility for evolving building requirements, allowing organizations to grow and adapt with ease.


Dynalite Lighting Features



Dynalite offers an integrated and coordinated building management experience through its integration with other smart building systems with ease.

Temperature Tuning

With color temperature adjustment, you can customize lighting to fit specific behaviors or feelings and create the perfect environment.

Centralised Management

Take advantage of centralized monitoring and control, which simplifies the management and optimization of lighting throughout the facility.

How Dynalite Lighting Controls Work

Dynalite Lighting, a leader in smart lighting systems, creates personalized ambiences through intuitive controls and cutting-edge features. Its sophisticated workings allow for dynamic adjustments, from changing color temperatures to coordinating intricate lighting.

Centralised Control

A central control hub or system that interfaces with individual lighting fixtures, sensors, and other system components runs Dynalite as the main system of the lighting network.

Fixture Control

  • Dynalite provides individual control of fixtures, allowing for exact adjustment of brightness, color, and other factors. Every lighting fixture in the system receives a unique address.

Mood Settings

Users can configure pre-programmed lighting sequences to correspond with particular activities or emotions. Dynalite Lighting enables dynamic changes in color temperature and light intensity to provide a range of environments.


With its ability to simulate natural daylight fluctuations, Dynalite's color temperature tuning capability allows users to fine-tune the light's warmth or coolness to fit a variety of settings and preferences. This feature also improves occupant well-being and their circadian rhythm.

Occupancy Sensors

Dynalite is designed to work in conjunction with occupancy sensors to identify the presence of people in a given space. The sensors optimize energy efficiency by adjusting lighting levels in response to natural daylight.


Building managers can centrally monitor and control lighting, simplifying maintenance and energy management. Dynalite seamlessly connects with other smart building systems, such as HVAC and security, providing a comprehensive approach to building management.

Energy Efficiency

Dynalite has energy-efficient logic that optimizes energy use throughout the day by automatically adjusting lighting levels based on occupancy and natural light conditions. Users can preset lighting scenarios and automate responses.

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