Security Service

With IQP and BWoF certification, our team of professionals ensures regulatory compliance and provides you peace of mind that your premises meet the highest standards. Our proactive service and maintenance plans address the unique demands of your systems and provide uninterrupted security. Our skilled technicians optimize system functionality through precise programming, adapting to the evolving requirements of your building. Our dedicated response team ensures rapid detection and resolution of service faults.


Security Service Benefits

In order to create a safe and secure environment for people and organizations, security servicing offers a holistic approach to protecting people, assets, and information.

Compliance Assurance
Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) certification requires Independent Qualified Person (IQP) services, which we offer to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Proactive Maintenance
Reduce the chance of unforeseen security system outages and ensure peak performance with our proactive service and maintenance solutions.

Customised Programming
Customize your security systems to meet the specific needs of your facility by optimizing responsiveness, functionality, and expert system programming.

Rapid Issue Resolution
Resolve service issues quickly and effectively with our committed team, minimizing interruptions and guaranteeing ongoing security.


Security Service Features


Industry Expertise

Make use of our extensive understanding of smart building technology to strengthen your security setup.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our services include the entire security lifecycle, from certification to maintenance.


Put your trust in our rapid response and resolution times to maintain the performance of your security systems.

Technology Integration

We take great pride in expertly integrating state-of-the-art technology into your security systems.

How Security Service Works

Our security services are effective because we take a proactive approach to maintenance, compliance, and technology integration. We do this by integrating cutting-edge technologies, custom programming, regulatory compliance, preventative measures, and rapid response capabilities. All of these factors work together to create a strong and flexible security framework that keeps smart buildings safe and secure.

Regulatory Adherence

To ensure regulatory compliance, security services start with Independent Qualified Person (IQP) evaluations and Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) certification, which establish conformity with local standards.

Maintenance Strategies

Proactive maintenance programs, such as routine inspections and upgrades, are incorporated into servicing to prevent possible problems and guarantee the security systems' ongoing optimal operation.

System Programming

  • Highly qualified professionals do precise system programming, customizing security systems to the specific needs of the facility. This customisation involves setting up alarm systems, video cameras, and access controls for maximum performance.

Service Faults

Service outages and system malfunctions are promptly resolved by a specialised response team, which minimizes disruptions and downtime to preserve the security infrastructure.


Technology Integration

Modern technologies, such artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics and sophisticated monitoring instruments, are incorporated into security services to improve the efficiency and flexibility of security systems.

Monitoring & Alerts

Security systems are always being observed in order to identify any irregularities or possible dangers in real time. The monitoring center sends out notifications right away, making it possible to react quickly to security issues.

Access Control

Implementing and maintaining access control systems, which regulate entry and exit points to guarantee that only authorized people have access to specific locations, is included in security services.

Holistic Approach

By taking a comprehensive approach, security services cover all aspects of security, such as alarm systems, physical access, and monitoring. This comprehensive strategy offers layered defense against potential threats.

Need to add Security Services to your facility?

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