When installing energy meters, many companies overlook the crucial step of correct meter commissioning.

This article will discuss why, for building and facility managers, meter commissioning is more than just a checkbox and instead is a vital step that can lead to efficiency gains and cost savings.


Are you wasting opportunities?

Despite having energy meters in place, many buildings and facilities are missing out on the full potential of their investments. Meter commissioning oversight means that the data being collected may not be accurate or, worse, not collected at all. As a result, the opportunity to make informed decisions and enhance efficiency goes to waste.


The high cost of inaccuracy

In the case of building operations, accurate data is vital. Imagine your meters silently misreporting usage, leading to decisions based on flawed information. The consequences are tangible: wasted resources, increased utility costs, and a missed chance to optimise operations.

Consider the scenario where a facility believes it has identified energy-saving opportunities based on inaccurate meter data. The implemented changes, however, produced minimal results, leaving the management team confused and frustrated. This situation is not uncommon and highlights the importance of correct meter commissioning.


“Are you ready to harness the full potential of your energy meters?”


The vital role of meter commissioning

Meter commissioning is the key to unlocking the full potential of your energy meters. It ensures that your meters are not only correctly installed but are also accurately recording energy data. This precision empowers building and facility managers to make data-driven decisions that directly impact efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At Direct Control, we specialise in installing and commissioning energy meters. Whether you’re implementing new meters or optimising existing ones, our experts ensure that your meters are fine-tuned to capture data with precision.


Benefits of meter commissioning

Accurate data
Ensure that the data recorded by your meters is reliable and reflective of actual energy and water usage.

Informed decision-making
Empower your management team with precise insights to optimize operations and reduce costs.

Long-term efficiency
Lay the foundation for sustained efficiency by establishing accurate metering practices.


Why choose Direct Control?

Our commitment goes beyond just installing meters; we understand that correct commissioning is the foundation for realising the true benefits of energy metering. By partnering with Direct Control, you tap into a wealth of expertise that transforms your meters from passive observers to strategic assets.

Our approach involves not only the installation of energy meters but also a comprehensive commissioning process. We guarantee that your meters are calibrated correctly, providing you with reliable and accurate data. This attention to detail is what sets us apart, ensuring that your facility leverages the full potential of its energy meters.


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